Why Bookkeeping Really Does Not Matter

Ok, you may be looking at the title and be confused or maybe shocked, but I will get straight to the point.




Anybody can enter numbers into a spreadsheet or a file. Anybody can tick and tie for hours a bunch of numbers.


The value is in accounting. Accounting is actually making sense of the data entry. Accounting is the assessment of those numbers and determining if all of your hard work in your business is paying off.  Accounting is posting additional entries based off of accounting rules that don’t just appear via data entry.


Accounting is knowing when something that has been posted via bookkeeping will generate a tax benefit or result in a loss.


The power is in the analysis not just number crunching.


Now you may be thinking … anybody can do Accounting. That is true … anything is possible. But I can tell you, you will get value out of accounting vs just bookkeeping every time.  Bookkeeping is needed in order for accounting to get done but bookkeeping alone won’t cut it.

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